About me

Hi. My name’s Craig Borchard and I live in Burlington, Iowa. I gave up my dream of being “NFL running back by day/rock star by night” pretty much the day I was born (damn you, genetics!). I did stick with the one thing I seemed to have half a knack for: writing. And sarcasm. Two things. Husband and father to two way-smarter-than-me teenage boys. Most days, I hold my own with the dog and cats though. I spent nine years in Pittsburgh and the rest in locations throughout Iowa. Nearly 28 years in marketing and public relations … 24 of those years in health care. So yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment. OK, maybe cynicism too. Three things.



  1. Health care marketing/pr in my background as well — plus two sons, three daughters, and three grandchildren. Thanks for visiting my online writing studio and opting to follow my work.

    — Skip Marsden


  2. I live in Medaryville, IN and just happened to find this on the internet when doing a search for any old pictures of our town. I am curious to know where your Grandma lived in town. I live on 400 North (about 2 miles northeast of town). Your stories about Grandma are heartwarming and absolutely hilarious. I laughed out loud. I imagine when your Grandparents were young, Medaryville was like Mayberry. Unfortunately, many hard times and hard years have left it looking barely alive. However, there is always hope for a new generation to bring it back. Your old stories about your Grandpa being a town marshal–so precious. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you very much Robin. I asked my mom and aunts, and they can’t remember the number of the house (their mail was always a P.O. box), but Aunt Lynn said it was on South National Street, and she’s pretty sure the house is still there. I remember it was at the end of the road and faced the railroad tracks. I’m looking at a street map of Medaryville on MapQuest — I’m guessing it’s the last house on the west side of the street, south of the National/Prairie intersection. My aunt and uncle’s campground was at 1974 N. Leisure Time Lane, about four miles straight east of town.


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